Inagua, The Bahamas

Group Travel Services

  • Destination: Inagua, The Bahamas

  • Group Types: Families, Birding Clubs, Nature Clubs, Hiking Clubs

  • Group Sizes: Up to 10 People

  • Services Available: Travel Arrangements, Birding Tours, Snorkeling Tours, Sport Fishing, Private Chef, Rental Car, All-Inclusive

  • Why Travel Here? Great for relaxation, nature exploration, very friendly people, exceptional birding opportunities, snorkeling, and sport fishing

  • Local Connections: We work directly with the people of Inagua to provide the most affordable, immersive island experiences possible.

The New Eco-Capital of The Bahamas

Escape to the real tropical island life at Inagua, in the southern Bahamas. Known for its friendly people, natural wonders, and ideal climate, Inagua is perfect for nature lovers and people wanting a scenic, relaxing getaway. Located just east of Cuba and west of the Turks & Caicos islands, Inagua is a nature and relaxation getaway bar none. Seadog Travels works directly with the people of Inagua to offer you the best experiences and accommodations on the island. From the amazing Bahamian flamingoes to picturesque snorkeling to sportfishing adventures, Inagua is waiting for you.

Seadog Travels offers customizable group travel for up to 10 people to Inagua. This is an all-inclusive travel experience that can include your flights, accommodations, car rental, your choice of tours, and meals made by your private chef. Explore the details below and contact to begin planning your Inagua adventure.

Activities at Inagua

Birding Tours

Half-day and full-day birding tours are available.

Snorkeling Tours

Half-day and full-day snorkeling tours are available.

Sportfishing Tours

Half-day and full-day sport fishing tours are available.

Accommodations and Meals

Private Chef

Affordable, private meals during your Inagua visit.

Red Knot Manor

The best hotel on the island. Sleeps up to six people.

Car Rental

Be free and rent the only car on the island!

Travel Planning

Air Travel

Seadog Travels will find the best airfares for your Inagua visit. Flights from the island are available on Mondays and Fridays via Bahamasair.

Custom Quotes

Group travel to Inagua is completely customizable. Choose your tours and accommodations to fit your needs.


We include all costs so you can enjoy the most affordable tropical island escape possible. Let’s go!