The Maine Sail Sale continues!

Seadog Travels is extending its Black Friday sale to Maine in 2022 because, well, we think Maine is a great place to be! Better yet, we’ll have a full-day sail onboard Portland Schooner Company‘s Bagheera tall ship. On this day, we will set sail for six hours, have lunch onboard, learn some nautical trivia, maybe learn how to sail a bit, and become one with nature.

Our group trip to Maine is for 20 lucky people and this is the ideal number of people to sail on Bagheera. Have a big group? Call us now and reserve the entire trip to Maine! Along with our Bagheera sail, we’ll visit the Maine Maritime Museum and go boating to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, climb onboard a lobster boat and go into Casco Bay, learn how to catch lobsters, how the lobster population is being sustainably harvested, and just have some good boating fun, too!

We’ll also sample the fabulous Maine seafood cuisine each day, explore nautical museums and lighthouses, have some time to explore downtown Portland, and enjoy a fabulous hosted long summer weekend in Maine. Contact us today with questions. Go HERE. Book your trip by December 15, 2021.

The Travel Question: Travel Advisors vs. Do It Yourself

In today’s world, the joy and utility of the Internet continues to be a boon to our lives. From education and research, to shopping and browsing products, our online world gives us vast resources absent to previous generations.

For travel, a very important question everyone should be asking is: Do I need or want a travel advisor? As self-booking travel is a very doable proposition these days, has the day of the travel advisor gone by or are they needed now more than ever?

cottages in the middle of beach

On the ‘no’ side of this question, airlines have made self-booking easy and secure. It also takes little effort to compare hotels and to find the right one for wherever you travel. It’s pretty much the same for rental cars, too. So, what’s the point of complicating your life, you may ask?

However that may be, there are many benefits to utilizing travel advisors that many people don’t know about (be sure to read to the end of this article!). Like anything else, all travel advisors are not equal in skills and knowledge, as well as the results they provide. Some are newbies to the field, some are veterans, some provide more thorough results and others are more accessible.

Therefore, once you decide to find a travel advisor, take the time to explore different advisors, different companies, and focus on those advisors that provide superior service. You can always change advisors but finding a good one the first time around is the best way to go.

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A travel advisor can bring you a literal world of knowledge … about the world! From hidden treasures and little-known hideaways to popular destinations and chic spots, a travel advisor will have – or will be able to find – information that you may not consider on your own.

Travel advisors also should make your life easier. If you’re planning an international trip or an extended getaway, then you could devote a lot of time to planning. Using a travel advisor will not only save you time but will provide you with a bevy of options to choose from. The goal is always to work together to create the best travel experience possible for you and your family.

In addition, there’s one BIG benefit to having a travel advisor that is oddly unknown to most people. It’s odd because this should be shouted from the rooftops by everyone in the travel industry. The public needs to know this – and remember this. That being … travel advisors have access to special deals, discounts, and travel options that are not available to the general public. Read that again. It’s true.

If you want to spend less money and get more out of your travel experience, then using a travel advisor is the best way to do this.

These cool perks from using a travel advisor will not cost you extra money in most cases. Hotel resorts? Yep. Cruises? Yep. Group travel? Yep. Travel advisors can get you better deals at less cost and with more benefits.

aerial photography of sea

How and why? This is because travel advisors earn commissions from these types of bookings. Also, remember that these commissions do NOT add to the cost of your booking. This is all the result of the travel industry supporting and encouraging travel advisors to get bookings because it’s a win-win situation for everyone. For you, too!

So, the next time you’re planning an adventure, consider retaining the best travel advisor you can find. A great travel advisor will save you time and money and will help you have the most fulfilling travel experience possible.

Planning for 2022: It’s all about the ocean

Happy Holidays, everyone! We are now full bore into the holiday season and with it comes the fun, the travel to see family and friends, and the beginnings of those thoughts about what is to come in 2022. It’s fair to say this year is a bit of an improvement over 2020, but we’re still in the COVID-19 pandemic, more variants are popping up, and the outlook for next year is uncertain.

Nonetheless, at Seadog Travels we continue to plan for the future, for the return to travel, and to deepen our focus on all things ocean.

Seadog Travels

Accomplishments in 2021

For this year, we are pleased with our work to develop the foundation of our company. By clearly defining our vision and mission, we have been developing and are beginning to offer unique, engaging, and meaningful nautical experiences across a range of relevant industries.

With our vision to build a diverse community to explore and protect the oceans of the world, our mission focuses on nautical travel that includes interactive tall ship sailing adventures, tropical and coastal small group travel, the best in luxury and expedition cruising, and featuring our boat brokerage services, we are developing a wide-ranging enterprise with a clear ocean focus.

We have also been working to develop strategic partnerships such as our collaborations with Visit Portland to highlight travel to Maine, and similar connections to Visit Florida, and the Liberty Fleet of Boston. Backing all of this up are our travel agency services, where we show the world our dedication to both travel and the oceans.

Looking Towards 2022

Next year is going to be a big year! Our first small group trips to Maine, the Florida Keys, and St. Lucia will begin and become annual events. Our very special travels to Inagua in the southern Bahamas are already available. We also plan to offer these trips year-round to groups of five or more people. Beyond that, we will continue curating more adventures — with a probable focus on the U.S. West Coast and Pacific basin.

Our staff plans to obtain Open Water Scuba Diver certification as well as Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification through the American Sailing Association (ASA). This represents just the beginning of the skills our staff will obtain as we continue developing ever-more unique and immersive ocean travel adventures.

Long-Range Plans

However, our bigger vision is even more exciting and we want to share that with you. Our long-range vision for our tall ship adventures is to operate a fleet of tall ships. From a travel perspective, sailings on these ships will be far beyond an ordinary tall ship sailing vacation. Rather than just a “see this” trip, we will offer interactive, themed “do this” experiences. That’s why our first sail in 2023 is an interactive pirate-themed sail to give people a truly unique, historic, and fun look at the real pirates of the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th Centuries. We envision travel that is not just fun, but interactive, personal, and brings history and nature experiences to life.

In addition, Seadog Travels plans to collaborate with oceanographers and marine biologists to develop research plans that will utilize our ships. The vision is to connect our ocean travel business with ongoing scientific research where we can obtain meaningful data for specific projects. Whether that means long-term ocean measurements in the Caribbean or monitoring coral reef health, we will integrate these efforts into every sail that we conduct.

Doing these types of activities not only makes us unique and different, but shows that we are doing our part to keep the oceans healthy and vibrant today and for future generations.

Get Involved

Accomplishing all of the above, and achieving our long-term goals, requires people and organizations with a commitment to the oceans, with a desire to offer more meaningful and sustainable travel experiences, and with the resources to make it all happen. Learn how you can help by clicking HERE or contacting us on our website HERE. Bring on 2022!

Black Friday Sale to Maine!

As we prepare for the return to travel in 2022, we invite you to join us on our inaugural Island & Coastal Adventure to Maine. Save 20% today through Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Love sailing? Boating? Museums? Great seafood and dining experiences? Yep, we’re all that and more. June 3-7, 2022. Hosted. All-inclusive. Made to bring back adventure for all!

Maine Travel Update

Seadog Travel is now offering its Summer Sailing Across Maine small group travel experience to herald the return to travel in 2022. Held from June 3-7, 2022, in the Portland, Maine, area, we will spend time on water and land while exploring the nautical heritage of coastal Maine.

From lobstering boating and fine seafood dining to a day-long sail on a classic Maine schooner and boating to the Atlantic Ocean, this will be an amazing experience for nature lovers, boaters, sailors, history aficionados, and foodies. Hosted and all-inclusive, this is a four-day travel adventure you’ll remember forever! Learn more: HERE.

Maine Maritime Museum

Click on the link below and book your Maine adventure now — and groups of 4+ save 10%!

Lobster boating