Seadog Travels Creates Board of Advisors

Seadog Travels announces the creation of a Board of Advisors, which has the purpose of providing advice and support for the future development of the company. Consisting of an initial group of four travelers and company officials, the Board is an important step forward in the overall evolution of Seadog Travels. “Developing a Board is common for startup companies,” said Dr. Paul Hardersen, CEO of Seadog Travels. “However, this is an important step in the growth of the company because it involves bringing in more people who both love the oceans and have an interest in seeing the company succeed.”

The Board will meet semi-annually and board members will receive regular updates on company activities and progress. Seadog Travels thanks all of the Board members who are serving and looks forward to their input and guidance in the coming months and years.

Seadog Travels is moving

Beginning June 1, 2022, Seadog Travels will maintain office space in downtown Tucson, Arizona. This is an important and exciting move for the company, which will provide the company with professional office services, conference facilities, office space, and a central location in the tallest building in Tucson. “This is an exciting opportunity for Seadog Travels to integrate into the greater Tucson and Arizona business community,” said Paul Hardersen, CEO of Seadog Travels. “This space will allow us to meet clients in a professional location, meet other business leaders, and network and collaborate to grow the Tucson area economy.”

Located at One South Church Avenue, clients, businesses, and travelers will be able to book appointments with Seadog Travels from 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Bookings can be made online at Stay tuned for more information as summer 2020 arrives!

Regus Office Space

New Podcast Episode: Summer Travel Plans

Get ready for summer! We’re excited to get traveling again. That is the focus of our latest podcast that is available HERE. We have a big trip planned to San Diego next month, which will include zodiac whale watching, parasailing, and sail training. CEO Paul Hardersen also mentions future small group travel destinations, such as San Diego, New Orleans, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, that will be available later this year. Get excited, get ready, and let’s make this a great summer!

Explore all of our travel adventures online at or call us at 1.800.983.3652.

New Review for Seadog Travels

Seadog Travels has received another review and we couldn’t be happier with the comments. The review is from a recent traveler to Inagua. We are dedicated to exploring and protecting the oceans — and in developing meaningful, helpful, and long-term relationships with both individual travelers, but also families, businesses, and non-profits who share our values and goals. Here it is:

“I found Seadog Travels as I was looking for a vacation and looking for a travel agency that I could build a relationship with. Paul Hardersen at Seadog Travels asked me what I was looking for, he suggested Great Inagua, Bahamas, and we took him up on it. What a great experience. He made all the arrangements and itinerary. We stayed at a fabulous place and were well taken care of. We had a personal chef and a wonderful, quiet stay at the Red Knot Manor in Great Inagua. We enjoyed our one of a kind trip soooo much and were so relaxed (exactly what I needed) at the end. We met so many wonderful people, had great food and saw lots of wildlife. I can’t wait to see where he send me next!!!!!!!” — S. Naugler, Phoenix, Arizona.

Weekend Update from Seadog Travels

As we head into the summer season, Seadog Travels is busy expanding our services, developing our promotions, and enhancing our travel offerings to you. We are also planning special activities this summer as we continue to explore and reengage with the world. Take a look at our latest updates and get traveling with us:

Through all of this, the theme is: keep living! No matter how old you are, no matter where you are in your life, you can always take charge of your life, work to improve yourself, and work to make a difference in the world. That’s what Seadog Travels is all about — making a positive difference in the world. Join us and let’s git’r’done!

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