Terms and Conditions

June 4, 2023

Seadog Travels is dedicated to giving our travelers experiences that inspire, thrill, and motivate everyone who joins our adventures. Our Terms and Conditions are meant to provide clear guidance that explains the services that the company provides while also defining those services and activities that are not included in our programs. Use of any website associated with Seadog Travels indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. For questions about our policies, please write to us at travel@seadogtravels.com.

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Privacy Policy. Seadog Travels does not share any information from its travelers and subscribers to external sources. People who subscribe to Seadog Travels from our home page will receive email marketing materials approximately several times a month. Upon subscribing with Seadog Travels, people consent to receive marketing emails and other company communications. Seadog Travels uses a WordPress web host that collects cookies on the site, which are stored on your local computer. You can block the tracking of cookies through your own actions, but you can also request Seadog Travels not to use cookies and/or to delete your data from our website that are related to you. You can also request to be deleted completely from Seadog Travel databases upon request. The only information that Seadog Travels maintains on subscribers is information that they voluntarily provide when subscribing to our website or through direct communications. Seadog Travels is committed to maintaining subscriber privacy and we are here to assist all travelers.

Statement on ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence. In the context of conducting its travel business, Seadog Travels will not use ChatGPT or other forms of artificial intelligence for use on the company websites, blogs, chatbots, or other forms of communication. Seadog Travels believes in authentic, genuine, and fulfilling travel experiences to achieve our vision of helping people to explore and protect the oceans of the world. This extends to all of our interactions with customers, potential customers, business partners, clients, staff, and employees. This means that we think you should know that you are talking or communicating with a real person when dealing with our company and not artificially generated content — and content that can often be inaccurate. We research, write, edit, and review all of the content that the company produces. We strongly believe that the power of genuine travel experiences should be shared with you through real, first-hand, and well-researched articles. All errors that occur are our own, but we strive for the greatest accuracy possible at all times.

Environmental Sustainability. Seadog Travels commits to conducting all its travel operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our long-term goal is to become a zero carbon emission company as soon as possible. In the short-term, we will take all actions possible to reduce our carbon footprint while also promoting sustainable travel. Examples of our actions include using solar and wind to provide electric power to our offices, recycle, use electric vehicles (when possible) during our Island & Coastal Adventures, inform and educate travelers about sustainable travel, work with local communities to provide quality and sustainable travel opportunities, and do our part to improve the quality of travel experiences wherever we go. We are a part of the world and we must take care of it.

Fees. Seadog Travels provides comprehensive travel agency services that include bookings for airfare, hotel accommodations, rental cars, and land tours. Seadog Travels is a CCRA-accredited travel agency and is a member of the Travel Advisors International Network. The following fees will be charged for the various services described below. These fees will provide clients with dedicated support from Seadog Travels before, during, and after their travels. Seadog Travels is dedicated to providing the highest-quality travel services to all its clients.

  • Airfare Bookings. Seadog Travels applies no fees for booking international air travel for clients. For domestic U.S. flights, a service fee of up to $25 may be applied to single bookings for up to four people on a single booking.
  • Hotels and Resorts. Seadog Travels applies no fees for booking hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • Rebooking and Emergency Support Fee. If a client requires travel rebooking for a verifiable emergency, then the fee for this work will be $200 per household. This fee will be for a single household consisting of up to four adults and/or children. This fee will only be required when the emergency occurs and will not be charged in any other normal rebooking situation. Emergencies include, but are not limited to natural disasters, medical emergencies, and pandemics. Fee payment is required before services will be provided. This fee only applies to clients who have purchased Group Planning Research services (see below).
  • Group Research Planning Fee. For groups of five or more people, Seadog Travel will conduct travel research, plan itineraries, provide recommendations and advice, submit one proposal (as necessary), and conduct bookings for groups for a single trip or vacation lasting seven days or longer. The group leader will receive a single free consultation of up to 30 minutes in length to explore client travel requirements. If the client and Seadog Travels agree to work together, then the fee for the following work will be $300 per group. This fee must be paid before the initiation of work by Seadog Travels. If members of a group request Seadog Travels to book their travels, then a Research, Planning, and Booking Fee of $250 will be charged for up to four people in the group.

Cruise Bookings. Seadog Travels books cruise travel on any of the currently operating cruise lines in the U.S. and around the world. Cruise bookings are conducted through CCRA and the Ensemble Network; no extra charges are incurred when booking cruises, as well as any travel reservations associated with cruise bookings.

Star Clippers Promotion. Seadog Travels is offering an exclusive savings event until October 1, 2023. When you reserve up to four Star Clippers cabins (any ship, any destination, any time) with Seadog Travels that are worth more than $3,500, then you will be eligible to receive exclusive onboard credits AND our $100 cash-back offer. You must mention this offer when booking with Seadog Travels. The cash-back offer is valid per single booking. The cash-back offer also does not apply to group bookings. Travelers must complete their booking to receive the $100 cash-back, which will be mailed to the primary point-of-contact for the booking after the completion of the sail.

Private Boat Charters. For all private boat and yacht charters arranged through Seadog Travels, the company will charge a commission of 10% on the net price of the entire charter. The net price is the price before taxes are added to the final bill.

Boat Brokerage Services. Seadog Travels helps people buy and sell boats through the POP Yachts brokerage service. Customers working through Seadog Travels to buy or sell a boat will be bound by the rules and requirements of POP Yachts. Only authorized POP Yachts sales representatives working for Seadog Travels will be able to work with boat buyers and sellers.

Sailing and Tour Prices. All prices for Seadog Travels Sailing Sojourns and Island & Coastal Adventures are subject to change at any time. At times, Seadog Travels will offer sale or discount prices that are available only during the time period the special offer is available. The specific items that are included for a specific trip are listed on the individual trip page.

Pricing adjustments for Sailing Sojourns and Island & Coastal Adventures. Travelers who book directly from the Seadog Travels website will receive the lowest rates for our group travel experiences. If a traveler books through one of our distribution networks, such as the Fareharbor Distribution Network or Viator, then a surcharge of $500 will be added to each purchase. This is necessary because of the fees taken by these distribution networks.

Square Loyalty Program. The Seadog Travels Loyalty program is a points-based system in collaboration with Square. This program is valid for all merchandise, travel agency, Seadog Travels memberships, Island and Coastal Adventures, and Sailing Sojourn travel experiences. The program does not apply to our cruise, destination wedding, and boat brokerage services. It is also not valid for special programs involving collaborations with external vendors. 1 point is earned for each merchandise or travel agency service purchase. Five points are earned for every Seadog Travels membership purchase. Fifty points are earned for each Island and Coastal Adventure, or Sailing Sojourn, travel. experience purchased. For every 10 points earned, a customer can obtain a 30% discount on any Seadog Travels membership. For every 15 points earned, a customer can obtain a 30% discount on any travel agency service. For every 30 points earned, a customer can obtain a 30% discount on any merchandise. For every 150 points earned, a customer can obtain a 30% discount on an Island and Coastal travel experience. For every 200 points earned, a customer can obtain a 30% discount on a Sailing Sojourn travel experience. Points have no cash value. Points cannot be transferred. Customers must provide their full name, a valid and current phone number, and email address to be enrolled in the loyalty program. Seadog Travels reserves the right to change or cancel the loyalty program at anytime.

Trip Attendance Minimums. Seadog Travels will conduct its sailing and land experiences when at least five paid travelers have signed up and paid for a trip. If this minimum is not met, then travelers have the option to: 1) apply monies paid to a different travel experience, or 2) apply monies to the next scheduled iteration of the same trip.

Military Discount. Active duty military personnel and veterans receive a 10% discount on all services, sails, and travel experiences, except Inagua. Evidence of active duty status or prior service required.

Travel Protection. We provide travel insurance through TravelSafe and Allianz. Travel protection is highly recommended and is available for purchase when registered for one of our trips. If you choose to decline travel protection, then you will need to read, sign, and return a waiver form stating that you decline travel protection services. For our Island & Coastal Adventures to Maine, the Florida Keys, and St. Lucia, we will provide group travel coverage via Allianz at no extra cost to the participants.

Cancellations/Refunds. In case of a cancellation, travelers are able to apply 100% of their reservation to any future Sailing Sojourn or Island & Coastal Adventure travel experience. If the customer would like a cash refund, then they will receive a 100% refund for a paid trip if they request the refund more than 60 days prior to the first day of their scheduled trip. Refunds requested 30-59 days prior to the trip will receive a 50% refund; requests received from 10-29 days prior to the trip will receive a 25% refund. No refunds will be issued when received less than 10 days before a scheduled trip. Customers will incur a $100 processing fee for all direct cash refunds, but this does not apply to rebooking for later trips.

Trip Deposits/Payments. A minimum 50% deposit for a trip is due upon booking. The remaining amount of the total price is due no later than 60 days prior to departure. Failure to receive payment by the deadline will result in cancellation of the reservation and forfeiture of the deposit.

Partner Tour Companies. Tour contracts with any external partners is the responsibility and legal obligation of that company. Seadog Travels is not responsible for travel insurance, accommodations, itinerary changes, activities, and other requirements for these tours.

Payments. Seadog Travels accepts payment by cash, check, money order, PayPal, Square, debit card, and credit card. All credit card payments will incur a 4% transaction service change.

Afterpay. Seadog Travels offers the option for travelers to pay via Afterpay. This service is offered by Square and is a part of our overall collection of payment options. Afterpay allows you to pay your travel experience purchase in easy installments, which is a great way to make your travel adventures more affordable. Afterpay is valid for purchases up to $2000. If you would like to use Afterpay for any of our Sailing Sojourns or Island & Coastal Adventures, then please contact us and we can bill you a 50% deposit or you can purchase an entire trip through multiple billings.

Responsibility. Seadog Travels, its general agents, and local agents give notice that all tickets and coupons issued by them and all arrangements for transport and conveyance, or for hotel accommodations, are made by them as agents only on the expressed condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may occur either by reason of any defect in any vehicle, or through the acts or default of proprietor or servant. The operators and/or associated companies accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in transportation services, sickness, weather, epidemics, quarantine, strikes, war, Acts of God, or other causes. All tour itineraries may be affected by alterations in transportation services in the relevant countries or by other causes.

Airfare. We do not include airfare in the costs of our Sailing Sojourns and Island & Coastal Adventures.

Hotels. Seadog Travels may change the advertised hotel accommodation(s) for any trip, if necessary. Every effort will be made to acquire another accommodation of similar quality and price.

Meals. For our Island & Coastal Adventures (except Inagua), the number of meals provided as a part of the overall trip price will be defined for each trip and listed in the description of each trip in relevant online and print material. Typically, breakfasts will be provided by the hotel of residence for a given trip. Breakfast and lunch costs are limited to $25 per person and dinners are limited to $50 per person. The traveler is responsible for all costs that exceed these amounts. Alcoholic beverages and gratuities are not included.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability. Seadog Travels responsibility is strictly limited. Seadog Travels is not liable for any bodily injury or harm, sickness, accidents, property damage, or personal loss as a result of, but not limited to: physical exertion for which the participant was not prepared; travel by plane, train, ship, boat, car, truck, van, bus, or other mode of transportation (such as bicycle, horse, foot, kayak, etc.); consumption of alcohol; high altitudes; travel onboard ships; forces of nature such as high winds, hurricanes, flooding; heat exhaustion; equipment failure; civil unrest or terrorism; or availability of medical services in remote areas. Seadog Travels is also not liable for expenses (e.g., meals, transportation, hotel) that are not specified as included in the price of the trip, but may be required as a part of the trip. Seadog Travels is not responsible for expenses incurred by travelers in preparing for the trip (e.g., non-refundable advance purchase of airline ticked, equipment, taxis, etc.) or for any additional travel arrangements made on your own.

Assumption of Risks and Release of Liability Agreement. Travelers will be required to sign and date a liability release statement prior to each trip.

Company Insurance. Seadog Travels maintains an Errors & Omissions insurance policy through the Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company. The current policy is valid through April 11, 2024.

Company Credentials. Seadog Travels is a member of the CCRA Travel Commerce Network/TGN Hosted Travel Agency Program, which includes the Travel Advisors Global Network. The company utilizes an IATA designation to conduct travel business, where applicable. Seadog Travels is also active with The Travel Institute. The company also has a membership with Cruise Lines International Association and the American Society of Travel Advisors.