Club Med

All-Inclusive Club Med Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean

Experience the creator of the all-inclusive resort experience at Club Med. With a focus on 10 Club Med properties that align with Seadog Travels and our emphasis on experiential ocean and island travel, these properties bring you, your family, and your group to idyllic tropical destinations near and far. With an emphasis on family, active vacations, learning, environmental awareness, multiculturalism, and togetherness, Club Med has led the way in crafting and perfecting the all-inclusive resort experience since 1950.

Want to plan a big family reunion? How about a destination wedding? Or maybe a corporate event at a tropical destination that will bring out the creative spirit in everyone? Seadog Travels will match your group with the best properties and to those locations that are ideal for the size of your group and the reason for your travels. Working directly with you and the Club Med, we will help craft your ideal travel experience from beginning to end!

Group Services

  • Destinations: We feature 10 Club Med resorts in the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Martinique, the Bahamas, Mexico, Brazil, Bali, and the Maldives.

  • Group Types: Families, Multi-Generational Families, Family Celebrations, Special Interest Groups, and Business Meetings.

  • Group Sizes: Up to 200 people.

  • Services Available: The all-inclusive Club Med resort experience, local tours, destination weddings and honeymoons, a variety of sports and activities, family activities, and meetings.