Seadog Travels Opens Nautical Travel Shop

Seadog Travels now offers a one-stop shopping site for all of the company’s travel experiences and merchandise. Meant to serve as a place to browse the company’s growing variety of group travel experiences and to learn about the company, the shop will be another way for the public to become familiar with Seadog Travels andContinue reading “Seadog Travels Opens Nautical Travel Shop”

Seadog Travels now offers Afterpay

In an effort to make travel easier and more affordable, Seadog Travels now offer Afterpay as a payment option for travelers. Afterpay allows travelers to split their travel purchase into multiple segments. This helps travelers better afford, and pay for, their purchases while also letting them get out into the world sooner. Seadog Travels offersContinue reading “Seadog Travels now offers Afterpay”

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