Facebook Groups for Every Travel Taste

Seadog Travels continues to expand its online communities by now operating 10 Facebook Groups. By aligning our Facebook communities with our growing travel offerings, Seadog Travels is working to serve people’s travel interests and needs. The company expects the number of Groups to expand in the coming months. Select from our current offerings below, beContinue reading “Facebook Groups for Every Travel Taste”

Google Maps: Reviews, Photos, and Fun

Do you use Google Maps? If so, search for, and follow Seadog Travels. We are using Google Maps to provide reviews, photos, and information about the various activities, venues, museums, and restaurants that we visit during our different travel experiences. We are doing this to provide you with useful travel information and to support theContinue reading “Google Maps: Reviews, Photos, and Fun”

Seadog Travels now offers Afterpay

In an effort to make travel easier and more affordable, Seadog Travels now offer Afterpay as a payment option for travelers. Afterpay allows travelers to split their travel purchase into multiple segments. This helps travelers better afford, and pay for, their purchases while also letting them get out into the world sooner. Seadog Travels offersContinue reading “Seadog Travels now offers Afterpay”

New Review for Seadog Travels

Seadog Travels has received another review and we couldn’t be happier with the comments. The review is from a recent traveler to Inagua. We are dedicated to exploring and protecting the oceans — and in developing meaningful, helpful, and long-term relationships with both individual travelers, but also families, businesses, and non-profits who share our valuesContinue reading “New Review for Seadog Travels”

Podcast 2 Now Available

Podcast 2: What’s Wrong With Travel Agencies — is now available on Anchor. In many ways, the travel agency model of doing business is outdated and in need of reinvigoration. One of the issues with travel agencies is the prices they charge the traveling public for basic booking services. Another is the generic nature ofContinue reading “Podcast 2 Now Available”

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