Galveston, Cruise Ships, and Good Ole’ Cajun Cooking

We had the fortune to receive an invite a couple months back to attend two ship tours with Royal Caribbean. The destination (Galveston, Texas) was relatively close by, the opportunityContinue reading “Galveston, Cruise Ships, and Good Ole’ Cajun Cooking”

Simply Sedona: A 3-Day Adventure

Sedona, Arizona. What does that place conjure up in your mind? Maybe it’s the red rocks, maybe something spiritual, and maybe something simple and splendid like a great meal. ThereContinue reading “Simply Sedona: A 3-Day Adventure”

Lobster Roll Crawl — Coming Summer 2023

Seadog Travels is making summer fun — and delicious in 2023! For our custom group travel experience to Maine, we have added a new — and one-of-a kind — LobsterContinue reading “Lobster Roll Crawl — Coming Summer 2023”