Explore hot air ballooning

Seadog Travels is releasing a promotional video of their recent hot air balloon ride above Tucson, Arizona. The balloon ride was conducted by Tucson Balloon Rides. Our travels took us from west Tucson northwest to just past the Marana Regional Airport. Click on the link below, enjoy the video, and get inspired for your nextContinue reading “Explore hot air ballooning”

Hot Air Balloon Heaven

Sometimes the best things to see and do are right at home. Even though we’re lovers of the seas and oceans of the world, we also appreciate all that our planet has to offer — the sky, the land, and everything in our world. We had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy an early morning hotContinue reading “Hot Air Balloon Heaven”

Joshua Tree National Park

There’s a reason they say America’s national parks are a treasure. The beauty. The majesty. Nature in the raw. Joshua Tree National Park is truly one of those treasures. The Park offers a unique, maybe even surreal landscape you’ll nary find elsewhere. Towering formations of granitoid rocks amidst the Joshua Trees, which are mostly foundContinue reading “Joshua Tree National Park”

Seadog Travels is on the road again

Seadog Travels will begin exploring the world again beginning early next month. We’ll be setting out to explore more of Joshua Tree, California, for a few days. That will be followed by fun in the Sun in Santa Monica, California. Our Joshua Tree visit will include some of the unique art, dining, and culture ofContinue reading “Seadog Travels is on the road again”

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