Pirate Grub: A queso dip you’re gonna love!

Escape the pandemic and go to the kitchen with the Pirates! We’ve released our first Pirate Grub cooking demo. We’re no experts, but we know good food when we eat it! Learn how easy it is to make a Grilled Guacamole and Grilled Queso dip by Amy Stevenson and the Food Network. We made thisContinue reading “Pirate Grub: A queso dip you’re gonna love!”

Pirate Grub & Gab

It’s simple. We love good food. And so do you. Beginning next week, the Pirates are beginning a YouTube series call Pirate Grub & Gab that highlights all things food: recipes, restaurants, recommendations, and even some how-to demos as we make food in our very own galley. After all, we still can’t go plundering (much)Continue reading “Pirate Grub & Gab”

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