Business Activism for the Ocean

Since the very beginning of Naked Pirate Travels, there has been a driving commitment to do our part to create a healthier and safer world through our commitment to the ocean. A major portion of this effort will be a continuous focus on raising awareness and funding for several non-profits that conduct ocean conservation, research,Continue reading “Business Activism for the Ocean”

Updating our Vision Statement

As we continue to develop Naked Pirate Travels into a unique, attractive, and inspiring company, we have refined our Vision Statement that, we think, fundamentally captures what we are trying to accomplish with this company. Vision: To foster a thriving community of travelers, rebels, learners, and seekers with a dedication and passion for exploring andContinue reading “Updating our Vision Statement”

Pirate Posting Schedule

Beginning December 28, 2020, we will begin posting regular content that is fun, enlightening, and will build your excitement for travel in the post-pandemic world. Pick your favorites, follow along, and become a part of the crew! Mondays: Boats, boats, boats! Learn about the different types of power boats and sailboats, their features, and exploreContinue reading “Pirate Posting Schedule”

It’s time to transform travel

As I sit here typing this blog post to you, I’m pondering the year of 2020 and how all of our lives have been upended in one way or another. We have all felt the impact of the year’s events — COVID-19, the economic impacts, being stuck at home, worries about pretty much everything underContinue reading “It’s time to transform travel”