Customer Service MATTERS

We shouldn’t be spending time this morning writing this blog post. That is, if customer service in the travel (and other) industry mattered. So, a question for you. Do you remember the last time a company gave you a massive runaround for a problem that: a) should have been easily fixed, and b) was notContinue reading “Customer Service MATTERS”

Cruising Santa Monica Bay

We’ve just released our latest YouTube video that shows highlights of our recent cruise in Santa Monica Bay. This was to be primarily a whale-watching cruise, but there were no whales to be seen. However, we had a great 3-hour cruise, saw dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, birds, and seals, and had a wonderful outing onContinue reading “Cruising Santa Monica Bay”

California Dreamin!

I write this to you from Phoenix as we are almost home from our weeklong road trip, it’s been a truly fun and inspiring experience and hope that this heralds better times for everyone as this year goes on. Yesterday, we capped off the trip with a 3-hour whale-watching excursion. It was a blast beingContinue reading “California Dreamin!”

Dining at The Lobster

We have a particular love of great cuisine, so we always sample the best food of wherever we travel. We wholeheartedly endorse dining at The Lobster in Santa Monica. Situated at the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier, The Lobster is truly a culinary gem. We enjoyed a grilled octopus appetizer, lobster roll with fries,Continue reading “Dining at The Lobster”

Hello Santa Monica!

Ah, we finally made it to the Pacific Ocean. Smooth waters, soft sand, clear sky, and people enjoying the day. We did a bit of walking on the beach, took a (brief!) dip in the cold ocean waters, checked out Santa Monica Pier, and soaked in the Sun. Oh, and lunch at Bubba Gump. Today:Continue reading “Hello Santa Monica!”

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