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Business Activism for the Ocean

Since the very beginning of Naked Pirate Travels, there has been a driving commitment to do our part to create a healthier and safer world through our commitment to the ocean. A major portion of this effort will be a continuous focus on raising awareness and funding for several non-profits that conduct ocean conservation, research, and nautical history preservation activities.

Dedication to ensuring a better future for the ocean, for ocean life, and for humanity must involve more than simply running a travel business. It must includes coordination and cooperation with environmental, scientific, and historical leaders, which will leverage our abilities to ensure that better future for all.


With excitement and purpose, we announce our first step in doing just that. Our Your Ocean webpage is now live, which highlights four non-profits: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF), Historic Ships in Baltimore, and the USS Constitution Museum. From here, visitors can learn basic information about the purpose and activities of each organization, which will inspire them to learn more, become active, and join our larger efforts to truly make a positive difference.

This is just the very first, initial action by Naked Pirate Travels to fulfills its mission to support the ocean. Stay tuned for more exciting and fun efforts as we grow! We look forward to your joining us on this never-ending adventure.

Updating our Vision Statement

As we continue to develop Naked Pirate Travels into a unique, attractive, and inspiring company, we have refined our Vision Statement that, we think, fundamentally captures what we are trying to accomplish with this company.

Vision: To foster a thriving community of travelers, rebels, learners, and seekers with a dedication and passion for exploring and protecting the oceans of the world.

We will accomplish this vision through our Mission, which you can explore on our website at:

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We look forward to connecting with like-minded people, non-profits, businesses, and scientific organizations to develop and operate a thriving nautically-focused travel company that is ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century for both the travel and ocean conservation communities. We hope that you will join us!

Pirate Posting Schedule

Beginning December 28, 2020, we will begin posting regular content that is fun, enlightening, and will build your excitement for travel in the post-pandemic world. Pick your favorites, follow along, and become a part of the crew!

  • Mondays: Boats, boats, boats! Learn about the different types of power boats and sailboats, their features, and explore listings from POP Yachts.
  • Tuesdays: Luxury cruises. Explore small ship cruises, the companies, the features, the ships, and where they sail.
  • Wednesdays: Destinations! We will highlight one destination weekly to explore the area’s natural wonders, cultures, and uniqueness.
  • Thursdays: Pirate education. Arghhh! We will share factoids about the real pirates of the past, the people, what they did, and why they still fascinate us today.
  • Fridays: Sailing. Learn the basics of sailing, the boats, the techniques, and the trade.
  • Saturdays: Become a scientist and learn about oceanography and marine science.
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