Podcast: Seadog Travels Joins Panel To Discuss Luxury Business

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Seadog Travels CEO and Founder, Paul Hardersen, recently participated in a group panel discussion to talk about the challenges and opportunities of building a luxury-oriented business.

Sponsored by CanvasRebel, Hardersen joined two other business owners, Jenny Wang and Jorge Contreras, to discuss a wide range of business topics including marketing, the ideal luxury client, the introduction of AI/ChatGPT and its possible impact on business, and the strategies necessary to develop a luxury clientele.

“This was a very fun, lively chat with three business owners with very different backgrounds,” said Hardersen, who began Seadog Travels as a startup company in 2020. “However, despite our differences in background and experiences, we had really intriguing similarities when we began discussing everything involving the development of a luxury business. Our discussions and interactions were fun, insightful, and I appreciate how CanvasRebel brought Jenny, Jorge, and myself together.”

Listen to the podcast via the following links:

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