World Ocean Day 2023

two gray dolphins surrounded by body of water

Today marks the annual celebration of the ocean around the world — it’s World Ocean Day 2023! Seadog Travels is a strong advocate for the oceans, ocean science, and efforts to keep the oceans healthy. As we like to say, it takes a crew to run a ship, and for the ocean it will take our global community to continue working to keep the oceans healthy. The continuing threats from climate change, ocean acidification, plastics pollution, waste dumping, and general neglect are everyday issues that need everyday solutions.

So, what can you do to help keep the oceans healthy? Here’s an incomplete list to get you thinking about how you take action:

  • Join an ocean advocacy organization such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) or the Ocean Conservancy.
  • Become politically active and advocate for the oceans with your local, state, and federal elected representatives.
  • For your home, consider power options that explicitly allow you to use solar or wind power for energy generation. Contact your local energy provider to ask for this option if it isn’t available.
  • Reduce your use of single-use plastics at home and wherever you travel.
  • If you live at or near a lake, coast, or island, volunteer with local organizations to help with cleanups and marine mammal conservation efforts.
  • And, of course, get educated. Learn about ocean, understand its importance for our planet, and the threats that marine life face, you’ll be better prepared to talk about these issues.

At Seadog Travels, our vision is to explore and protect the oceans of the world. We are currently busy building the “explore” part of the business — helping people to connect and reconnect with the oceans through our diverse array of immersive travel services, tours, and experiences.

However, our “protect” the oceans part is big, bold, and exciting. We plan to purchase and operate a fleet of tall ships to conduct both immersive sailing experiences while adding ocean scientific research into every voyage. This is how we plan to do our part to help the oceans every day. We invite you to join our efforts HERE.

Published by Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of a startup nautically-focused travel company, former associate professor and research scientist, traveler, lobster lover, and now doing what I can to help preserve the planet for future generations. The ocean is the key.

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