Seadog Travels Joins San Diego Tourism Authority

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Seadog Travels is now a member of the San Diego Tourism Authority. This collaboration will create a strong link between Seadog Travels and the greater San Diego area, which will help to develop the group travel pipeline the company is developing. “This is an essential collaboration and one that we are developing between all of our small group travel destinations,” said Paul Hardersen, Seadog Travels CEO and Founder. “This direct involvement with the San Diego business and tourism community will integrate Seadog Travels into the area, increase the visibility of the company’s travel services, and will make us much more visible to San Diego businesses.”

San Diego is one of the core destinations where the company is establishing its group travel offerings. Currently offering an extensive long weekend exploration of the San Diego area, Seadog Travels can also curate and host custom-designed group travel experiences. These options are available to groups of all types, including families, community organizations, businesses, and affinity groups. “Due to the area’s abundance of maritime and water-based activities, as well as it’s great selection of restaurants, museums, and other attractions, San Diego is a natural place for Seadog Travels.”

Ready to learn more? Click HERE to view our sea- and land-based exploration of San Diego. Contact us HERE to inquire about a custom travel experience for your group.

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