National Plan Your Vacation Day 2023

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Ready to get out of the house? Tired of the cold? The snow? Rain? Cabin fever hittin’ pretty hard? Fear not as today is National Plan Your Vacation Day! This is the time for fun pursuits to get ready for your next vacation. Want a beach getaway in the Caribbean? Want a family expedition to the coast? Ready for your next national park adventure?

Also, why do it yourself? Hiring a travel advisor will give you greater insight, options, and perks than doing it yourself. Also, working with a travel advisor is useful in six words: save money, save time, get perks. It’s even better for groups who often get amazing perks based on the group size. You’d be amazed at the perks you get on a group cruise. Contact us and find out!

Sponsored by the U.S. Travel Association, National Plan Your Vacation Day is rather special this year. We continue to emerge from the pandemic, life continues to return to normal, and now is the time to prepare to resume your adventures. Whether local or distant, travel opens our eyes to new possibilities, amazing experiences, and the realization that we are all a part of our beautiful blue marble planet. Let’s go!

Published by Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of an ocean-focused travel company, former associate professor and research scientist, traveler, lobster lover, and now doing what I can to help preserve the planet for future generations. The ocean is the key.

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