#1 Reason to Have a Travel Advisor: Problem-Solving

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That’s right. Problem-solving. While travelers can often plan their own travels, there is one big, lurking worry when travelers do it on their own. That is: when a problem occurs that they cannot fix. Calling customer service doesn’t help. Writing emails doesn’t help. Going to the Better Business Bureau doesn’t help. Ranting on social media doesn’t help. Nothing. Fixes. The. Problem. Frustration ensues. Rightly so, too.

We mention this because this situation occurred for a traveler recently. They weren’t even a client with Seadog Travels. They made a post on one of our Facebook Groups, we offered to help, and they eventually accepted our assistance. We then went to work to fix the problem — and we did just that. The client went almost six months with this unresolved issue and they were pretty close to giving up. Fortunately, we were able to resolve the issue in about two weeks.

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Now, why did this fix occur? Why did contacting a customer-centric travel company solve the problem? Listen up. This is why: Travel agencies and travel companies work directly with the companies providing the travel experience. Whether it’s an airline, a hotel chain, a cruise line, travel companies have contacts that the public does not have. We have colleagues across the travel industry that can help solve problems for a traveler that a simple call to customer service cannot correct.

That’s it. Connections matter. So, whether you like planning your own travels or hate it, having a travel advisor whom you trust can help ensure that any pesky problems that arise are resolved quickly. Life is challenging enough. Having a travel company who always has your back is priceless — and can save you money, too.

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