July Travel Deals & News

view on magnificent coastal town with colorful buildings from sea cave

Welcome to July! Seadog Travels is diving deeply into the summer season and we want to help everyone get out and exploring. That includes deals you can use now and deals you can use later. Plus, we have new updates for you about some of our travel offerings. Contact us with any questions, inquiries, and to get you traveling! Now, here are the two July travel deals for the month.

We have two big announcements concerning our Bahamas Pirate Sail and Sensational San Diego travel experiences. First, our inaugural pirate sail in February 2024. The pre-sail pirate tour in Nassau is now an optional add-on. This gives options to our pirate lovers out there. Choose a longer or shorter pirate escape based on your vacation time, budget, and preferences. Either way, we want the pirates out there to join us on this amazing first tall ship sail by Seadog Travels.

Second, our San Diego trip is now available! Get the gang together for a long weekend in the Point Loma area of San Diego. Enjoy adventure whale watching, parasailing, tall ship sailing, and the best West Coast nautical adventure you’ll find anywhere. As with our other Island & Coastal Adventures, groups of 4+ save 10% per person. Except for this month, of course, where the savings are 15% per person! Read the San Diego details HERE.

Call or write today and let’s get you to the ocean!

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I am the CEO of a startup nautically-focused travel company, former associate professor and research scientist, traveler, lobster lover, and now doing what I can to help preserve the planet for future generations. The ocean is the key.

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