Seadog Travels Begins Podcast Series

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Today, Seadog Travels begins a podcast series titled Travel, Sea Tales, and Seadogs. Currently available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music, this podcast series will provide monthly musings, thoughts, and commentary on all things ocean and travel. From breaking news in the cruise industry to new travel offerings from Seadog Travels to updates on ocean science and conservation, this podcast will help listeners stay current about the ocean, travel on the ocean, and the health of the ocean.

“This will be an important way to connect directly with people who love to travel, who love the ocean, and who want to make a difference,” said Paul Hardersen, CEO of Seadog Travels, and who will be creating the podcasts. “We will talk about difference aspects of the ocean and travel on the ocean. That includes cruises, sailing, and boating, as well as important news about ocean health such as the effects of climate change and plastics pollution. We will touch on different industries that directly impact the ocean, such as shipping, and we will discuss controversies in the ocean travel industry that need attention.”

Podcast will be released at least monthly. For inquires, please submit a question through our website HERE.

Published by Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of a startup nautically-focused travel company, former associate professor and research scientist, traveler, lobster lover, and now doing what I can to help preserve the planet for future generations. The ocean is the key.

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