Seadog Travels is on the road again

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Seadog Travels will begin exploring the world again beginning early next month. We’ll be setting out to explore more of Joshua Tree, California, for a few days. That will be followed by fun in the Sun in Santa Monica, California. Our Joshua Tree visit will include some of the unique art, dining, and culture of the area. In Santa Monica, we’ll be beach bums and explore the Santa Monica Pier, go whale watching, and dine on some great seafood. We’ll share all of this with you on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube feeds. Later, we’ll give you our thoughts on it all on the Travel Diary page of our website. Join along, learn about these fascinating places, and get inspired to travel again.

Later this year, we will be visiting Rhode Island, Maine, the Florida Keys, and probably many more places. Yep, it’s true. It’s time to travel again.

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