Happy Holidays to All!

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As we approach the end of this year, Seadog Travels wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and wonderful new year. We thank everyone for being a part of our growing family as we chart the course to create the best nautical travel company in the world. We dedicate to creating a better world for all.

Whether you are a traveler, a seeker, a scientist, a foodie, a sailor, a beach lover, a pirate, or just the unique person that you are, Seadog Travels is a place for everyone to explore and protect the oceans of the world. It takes a crew to sail a ship and we hope you will join us in the journey.

Be safe, be happy, be full of good cheer, and cherish those close to you, whether they be near or far.

Published by Paul Hardersen

I am the CEO of a startup nautically-focused travel company, former associate professor and research scientist, traveler, lobster lover, and now doing what I can to help preserve the planet for future generations. The ocean is the key.

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